About Us

Our goal is to create developments and properties that enhance the overall quality of life for everyone involved, focusing on both the land as well as the experience of the families that live and visit our communities. We carefully consider the long-term influence of development and seek to establish communities that fit within their individual settings—both in urban areas and natural landscapes.

Preserve Communities Leadership Team

Each member of our multifaceted team has been selected for their industry experience and their contributions to the advancement of the Preserve Communities mission.

Meet the Team


Our diverse portfolio consists of three core areas of strength and expertise: Heritage, Master Developer, and Lifestyle.


One-of-a-kind pieces of land that offer the opportunity for high-end, low-density living


Fully-amenitized, large-scale communities with hand-crafted lifestyles that deliver integrated, multi-faceted experiences

Master Developer

Large tracts of land divided into mixed-use parcels with a conservation element


Preserve Communities strive to create and preserve the following:


Authentic sense of place


Healthy living environment

Quality of Life:

Sense of well-being

Green Spaces:

Vital link to nature


Long-term value