Robert Whirley

Chief Financial Officer
Robert “Bobby” Whirley is from Atlanta, Ga. and has over 27 years of experience in public and private industries as a CPA and international Chartered Accountant. He served in the United States Marine Corp where he received commendation for outstanding leadership. Bobby graduated from Georgia State University. He currently serves on the boards of three local non-profit organizations and has a wife and two children.

Bobby began his career in Atlanta with a regional CPA firm practicing in the areas of audit and mergers/acquisitions in a variety of industries throughout North America. He rapidly advanced to head critical forensic analysis and turnaround teams.

Bobby spent two years with Ernst & Young in an overseas office as a senior staff member. His experience expanded to include taxation of large multi-national entities in insurance/re-insurance, manufacturing, shipping, and banking.

From 2000 to 2008 he served as a founding member and CFO of a private real estate development group. Robert was instrumental in rapidly growing the combined group into a vertically integrated holding company with subsidiaries throughout the South Eastern United States. In 2008, Bobby became the founding partner of an Atlanta based CPA firm providing services to small businesses and multi-national firms in a variety of industries.

Bobby is an expert in real estate, taxation, accounting principles (US and Multi-national), and business combinations. He has a specialized focus on partnership tax law and transactions.