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UTV & Hiking Trails

With forested mountains, dramatic ridgelines, pure streams and rivers, and acre upon acre of preserved land held in conversation, Little Pine and French Broad Crossing are both natural wonders. Throughout each are a number of trials and scenic paths—on UTV or by foot—that are perfect for exploration and adventure, with numerous landmarks along the way. Whether it’s for exercise, sightseeing, or simple recreation, our trails beckon multiple outings amidst nature’s splendor.


Ancient Majesty: French Broad River

More than anything else, what defines and distinguishes French Broad Crossing is its namesake river. North Carolina’s French Broad River is the third oldest on the planet, older than both the Nile and Amazon. For Preserve Communities, the river is more than a geographical marker or landscape feature, it’s central to the French Broad Crossing community’s unique identity and way of life. The River Lodge, as well as many homes and homesites, overlook the magnificent river and it has become a popular destination for outdoor sports of all kinds. Outfitters offer guided trips along the 200-mile waterway, ranging from thrilling whitewater rafting to gentle canoe trips. The river supports a wide variety of fish, including largemouth bass, brown and rainbow trout, and catfish. Not surprisingly, fly fishing is particularly popular here.


Grassland Mountain

This is one of the most extraordinary mountaintops in all of Western North Carolina. At 4,200 feet, there are panoramic views in every direction. Unlike many ridgelines at that elevation, Grassland Mountain is a vast expanse of wide-open meadows that are accented with apple orchards, blackberry fields, and primitive cabins. Whether on foot, on horseback, or in an UTV/ATV vehicle, families and friends can explore dozens of magical acres that are sequestered from the world below.


Apple Orchard & Blackberry Fields

High atop Grassland Mountain resides a whole new world waiting to be discovered. Gently rolling, bald hills reveal nature’s summer bounty in the form of wild blackberries, and in the fall, an apple orchard featuring a number of delicious varieties. The apples and blackberries have grown for generations atop the mountain, as much of a seasonal constant as the cool summer evenings and autumn sunsets.